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Redefining the #SoundtrackOfNow at the crossroads of postmodern sound and new music.

Sundays 5-7PM WCOM-LP 103.5 FM
The Voice of the Community in Carrboro, NC

#LocalBuzz Interview with Nora Rogers

TheBuzz.ShowTMwith Christine Bush showcases innovative new and experimental music, musicians, and the stories behind them.

During TheBuzz.ShowTM with Christine Bush, best experienced with headphones or ear buds, one will typically hear music and sound that is less than six months old. #FreshBuzz spotlights music released in the last month. #LocalBuzz spotlights local experimental music or music with a North Carolina connection. #GlobalBuzz spotlights new world music. The mix is primarily curated from labels committed to giving musicians creative autonomy, and from independent musicians sharing or selling music online using emergent distribution channels. These alternatives to large corporate music services represent what Christine identifies as #TheSoundtrackOfNow, the leading edge of musical innovation rather than sales or streaming metrics. The result is a sonic canvas, or soundscape, that combines ambient, world music, electronica, contemporary ensembles, jazz, and jazz fusion. TheBuzz.ShowTM is explicitly committed to programming equivalence for music by women.

TheBuzz.ShowTM seeks to redefine our expectations of what one might hear on the radio. “New music doesn’t always come from new artists, but new music always involves innovation,” Christine Bush explains. For this reason, #CollectiveBuzz (a crowdfunded musical project) starts the hour each week.

#CollectiveBuzz Spotlight

Learn more about composer Scott Buckley

Photograph of composer Scott Buckley

#BuzzList for October 2019

John Luther Adams: Music In The Anthropocene
(Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, 2016)